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Bachelor programme:

Bachelor's courses

Master of Science programme:

Physics of solar-terrestrial relationships
Paleo- and rock magnetism
Waves in elastic media
Bachelor programme
The students of this level get the universal training in physics and mathematics. Besides, they attend the courses on geophysical general gravitational and magnetic field (ancient and contemporary), physics of magnetosphere and Sun magnetic field (including magnetic phenomena at Sun), the basic seismology (Earth structure exploring by seismic methods), geoelectricity course (Earth's structure exploring by electromagnetic waves), general geology. At the Department's student laboratories students carry out practical investigations to strengthen their theoretical studies. The Bachelor graduated from the Earth Physics Department is the specialist qualified to work at scientific research institutions in geology and geophysics as well as at correspondent industrial firms.
Master of Science programme
Master of Geophysics is a first-class specialist of wide profile in the fields of both theoretical and practical exploring geophysics. Master's training includes, besides the continuation of global education in the physics of Earth, a thorough scientific research work on Master's thesis in one of geophysical specialities (physics of Earth-Sun interrelations, seismology, geoelectricity, geomagnetism). Masters are trained within one of five master's programs.
The major principle of education in mastership is highly personification of student's work: the studies and the work upon master's thesis are carried out in accordance with individual plans, that are prepared by the future master and his scientific leader (usually Doctor of Sciences) together. The very first thesis presentations showed a very high level of professional training comparable to that of candidate of sciences (PhD).