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Bachelor's courses

Master of Science programme:

Physics of solar–terrestrial relationships
Paleo- and rock magnetism
Waves in elastic media

Disciplines (Lectures)

Principles of the geophysical inverse problem solution
The mathematical grounds for solution of the inverse problems of geophysics are given. The methods of regularization for incorrectly stated problems are considered. Statistical methods of estimation of searching parameters for geophysical objects are presented. The algorithms for rayed and diffractional geophysical tomography are considered.
Data analysis and processing of geophysical information
The modern methods of geophysical data processing are considered: Fourier transform, Laplace transform, correlation analysis, estimate of the power spectrum, mutual spectral analysis, maximum entropy spectral analysis, cepstrum analysis, deconvolution (inverse) filtering, bondpass filtering, Batteruorte filtering, wave propagation in the layed media as filtering process, velocity filtering, gomomorphic filtering.
Geothermics and radiometry
Heat flow, temperature evaluation by heat flow data. Estimation of the Earth's interior uppermost and lowermost temperature starting from elastic properties of rocks: temperature of melting and adiabatic compression. Temperature assessment on the base of the Earth's electrical conductivity data. Thermal history of the Earth. Main contributors of the heat inside the Earth. The problem of the Earth's heating as a consequence of radioactive elements decomposition.
General geology
The subject of geology, its branches. Endogenous, exogenous and metamorphic processes in Earth crust. Introduction to minerology and petrology. Geophysical methoads in geology. Geotectonic zoning of Russia, its mineral resources and possibility to increase it.
Lectures are followed by geological practice in Crimea.

Disciplines (Lectures) for choice

Numerical methods of wave field modeling for anisotropic elastic media
Equations of motion in linear elastic theory. Tensor of elastic constants. Hooke's law in anisotropic elastic theory. Law of conservation of energy, vector of flux of energy. Reciprocity theorems in anisotropic elastic media. Plane (homogeneous and inhomogeneous) waves. Ray method for anisotropic elastic media, methods of calculations of spreading of rays. Matrix method for layered anisotropic media.
Asymptotic methods in the theory of seismic waves propagation
The asymptotic methods in the theory of seismic wave propagation such as ray theory, local and uniform asymptotic expansions are outlined. In the ray theory considered are: principles for constructing the ray series in continious inhomogeneous media, reflection and refraction of the waves at discontinuities, kinematic and dynamic ray tracing, paraxial approximation, Gaussian beams. Local and uniform asymptotics are demonstrated on the examples of caustic and vicinity of the critical ray.