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Proceedings founders:
Earth's Physics Department of Saint Petersburg State University;
Euro-Asian Geophysical Society.

ISSN: 2413-3043 (Print)
ISSN: 2413-3671 (Online)

The proceedings "Geophysical methods of survey the Earth and its subsoil" publishes the best works presented on the International scientific and technical competition-conferences of young specialists "Geophysics", organized by Saint Petersburg state university and Euro-Asian Geophysical Society. Publishing of the proceedings enhances the role of Saint Petersburg state university as a leading Russian center for training specialists in the field of Geophysics, contribute to development of collaboration between Russian and foreign universities, between academic and industrial geophysical organizations. Competitive selection of works made by students and PhD students play an important role in the educational process. Works are selected on a competitive basis with the participation of experts — leading Russian geophysicists.

The proceedings encompasses the following subjects:
∗ Section "Physics of the Earth" is devoted to problems of global geophysics, fundamental geophysical processes, internal structure of the Earth, global climate change, mechanisms of catastrophic natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, etc., the study of the Sun-Earth system;
∗ Articles in the section "Reginal geophysics, geophysical mapping and surveying, and exploration geophysics (hydrocarbons and solid minerals)" focuses on solving problems of structural and geological mapping, and on predicting of deposits of oil, gas, and minerals on large areas.
∗ Section "Marine geophysics" includes:
   • technological aspects of the offshore geological and geophysical studies, in particular, the development of equipment and techniques for multicomponent areal data acquisition; conducting of marine engineering surveys, registration of conservative and electromagnetic fields;
   • modern approaches to processing of geophysical data acquired in the specific natural, geological, and technological conditions of marine surveys.
∗ Section "Engineering geophysics, geophysics in hydrogeology and geo-ecology" focuses on application of geophysical methods in geological engineering surveys, studying of geological hazards, groundwater exploration, and contaminants spreading in aquifers and aeration zones.

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ISSN: 2413-3043 (Print)
ISSN: 2413-3671 (Online)