Research at the Laboratory of Earth's Magnetism

Research projects of the Laboratory of Earth's Magnetism are generally focused on both theoretical and experimental rock magnetism. The special attention is paid to the application of rock magnetic techniques to paleomagnetic and, in particular, paleointensity studies.

Our research interests are:

DRM acquisition in sediments and their magnetic anisotropy
Magnetic anisotropy of rocks as a possible source of paleomagnetic information
Thermal behavior of orientational magnetic anisotrory of sedimentary rocks
Paleointensity determinations on igneous and sedimentary rocks with the non-heating absolute paleointensity method (Step-by-step remagnetization method)
A study of geomagnetic field behavior during Cenozoic reversals
Correction of DRM inclination error in sediments using magnetic anisotropy characteristics
High-temperature magnetic memory (alpha-memory) in magnetite-bearing rocks