Recent M.Sc. Graduates


Egor Danilkin
The magnetic anisotropy of the sediments created in a vertical magnetic field

Ruslan Sushko
The magnetic anisotropy of the igneous rocks

Oleg Korobeinikov
The orientational magnetic anisotropi of the large-square artificial sediments


Lida Dubrovina
Paleomagnetic determinations using characteristics of the orientational magnetic anisotropy of sedimentary rocks


Alexei Sushkov
Behavior of the intensity of the anciant geomagnetic field during inversion Matuyama-Haramillio

Elena Isupova
Investigation of the artificial large-square sediments: correction of the inclination shallowing of the orientational magnetisation

Andrei Bachurin
Thermal behavior of the orientational magnetic anisotropy of artificial sediments

Sergei Morshchihin
Palaeomagnetic study of Early and Middle Devon Northen Timan deposits


Pavel Dubrovin
Physical modelling of magnetic anisotropy of rocks and a possibility of palaeomagnetic determinations using magnetic anisotropy characteristics


Yulia Rozanova
Magnetic anisotropy as a paleo-informative factor

Vitaly Kaulio
High-temperature magnetic memory of thermoviscous remanent magnetization of magnetite-bearing rocks from hypergenesis zones


Igor' Samsonov
Investigation of depositional magnetization and magnetic anisotropy of sedimentary rocks as a function of initial magnetic state

Yevgenia Saushkina
Magnetic state and domain structure of magnetic grains and the process of depositional magnetization of sedimentary rocks