Metallova Valeria  Valentinovna

She was born October, 25, 1928 in Blagoveshchensk. Soon after her birth she was brought to Leningrad where lives since then. In particular, all years of the Great Patriotic War she lived there, continuing her studying in high school. She went out the physical faculty of the Leningrad state university in 1953. Later – postgraduate study under B. M. Janovsky’s supervision. In 1956 she had defended for the degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on a speciality «Geophysics»: «The reversal magnetization of rocks».

All her labour life Valeria Valentinovna has passed in SPbSU at the Earth physics department of the physical faculty: the assistant professor, the senior scientist researcher, the associated professor (1968 - 1994). Her work was devoted mainly to problems of a physical foundation of methods of paleomagnetic researches. The essential contribution was brought by V. V. Metallova to the decision of a problem of a physical foundation of processes of the self-reversal in real rocks. So, she was the first in paleomagnetism, who has established and investigated the fact of self-reversal magnetization in rocks of large geological object - the Angaro-Ilim iron ore deposit. She has shown, that their reversal magnetization was caused exclusively by effect of the self-reversal of the natural magnetization. The important results were received by V. V. Metallova for geomagnetic inversions: the real behaviour of paleointensity for some number of geomagnetic reversals was investigated.

V. V. Metallova - the author and the co-author of 50 scientific papers, including - three monographies. She was one of organizers of laboratory of geomagnetism in the Leningrad state university, supervised it from 1968 till 1992. She was awarded with medals «For defense of Leningrad», «The habitant of blockade Leningrad». She is a member of the St.-Petersburg society of natural scientists and a member of the Eurasian geophysical society.