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F a c u l t y   S t a f f   and    R e s e a r c h   A s s o c i a t e d
  Vladimir S. Semenov   Head of laboratory,
  Professor, Dr.Sci.
  Victor A. Sergeev   Professor, Dr.Sci.   E-MAIL
  Sergey V. Apatenkov   Ass. Prof., Dr.   E-MAIL
  Andrey V. Divin   Scientist, Dr.   E-MAIL
  Natalia P. Dmitrieva   Senior Scientist, Dr.   E-MAIL
  Eugeny I. Gordeev   Senior Scientist, Dr.   E-MAIL
  Andrey L. Kotikov   Ass. Prof., Dr.   E-MAIL
  Igor V. Kubyshkin   Ass. Prof., Dr.   E-MAIL
  Marina V. Kubyshkina   Senior Scientist, Dr.   E-MAIL
  Irina A. Mironova   Senior Scientist, Dr.   E-MAIL
  Andrey A. Samsonov   Senior Scientist, Dr.Sci.   E-MAIL
  Maria A. Shukhtina   Senior Scientist, Dr.   E-MAIL
  Nikolay A. Tsyganenko   Ass. Prof., Dr.   E-MAIL
  Nadezhda V. Zolotova   Ass. Prof., Dr.Sci.   E-MAIL

T e c h n i c a l   S t a f f
  Valentina V. Lebedeva   Engineer, Dr.   E-MAIL

Ph. D.  S t u d e n t s
  Varvara A. Andreeva   Supervised by N.A. Tsyganenko   E-MAIL
  Sofia A. Chernyaeva   Supervised by V.S. Semenov   E-MAIL