The Models of the Electric Field Penetration from the Ground to the Ionosphere

Semen Nesterov1, Valery Denisenko1, Mohammed Boudjada2, Helmut Lammer2

1Institute of Computational Modelling, Russian Academy of Science, 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Schmiedlstrasse 6, A-8042, Graz, Austria

A quantitative three-dimensional model of the penetration of a quasi-stationary electric field from the Earth's surface into the ionosphere with an inclined magnetic field has been developed and constructed. The results of the three-dimensional model are simply assumed to be two dimensional ones. In the main part of the atmosphere up to a height of 50 km, an empirical conductivity model is used, and higher than 90 km, empirical models like IRI, MSISE and IGRF are considered. The values of the components of the conductivity tensor are interpolated between those two altitudes, and the electric conductivity problem is solved using Fourier transform at each height. The detailed results of the calculations are consistent with similar models [1], [2] in which three-dimensional problems were reduced to two-dimensional ones. The decrease in the electric field penetrating into the ionosphere with an increase in the inclination of the magnetic field have been confirmed and detailed. In the new constructed model, the estimated electric field is found to be three orders of magnitude smaller than the fields observed in the ionosphere before strong earthquakes. Therefore, the model confirms the conclusion about the need to explore other physical mechanisms of lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling.<\p>

The research is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 18-05-00195).<\p>

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