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TS05 magnetic field model

About this model

Tsyganko and Sitnov (2005): a dynamical empirical model of the inner storm-time magnetosphere (aka TS04 model).

One can find detailed information about the model in this paper.

Source code

Yearly input parameter files

Yearly files (1995-2020) below contain complete sets of input parameters for the TS05 magnetospheric magnetic field model including Pdyn, SymH, ByIMF, BzIMF, dipole tilt angle, and six solar wind driving variables W1, W2, ..., W6, quantifying the magnitudes of principal magnetospheric current systems. Each file has the name 'YEAR_OMNI_5m_with_TS05_variables.dat' and it is about 14MB. Data format is explained in this file.

Download input parameters format

Additional information

Users could also create input files by themselves, employing a set of Fortran codes below. It can be used as a template for various modifications, aimed at experimenting with the impact of different hypothetical solar wind and IMF conditions on the dynamics of the storm-time magnetosphere.

Order of operations to create new files (click on the file name to download it):

  1. Create (by checking ALL boxes except 'Magnetosonic Mach Number' in the OMNI webpage) and download a yearly OMNI file.
  2. Run Fill_IMF_gaps.for
  3. Run Fill_SW_gaps.for
  4. Run Prepare_intervals_1.for
  5. Run Prepare_input_4.for

How to cite

Tsyganenko, N. A., and Sitnov, M. I. (2005), Modeling the dynamics of the inner magnetosphere during strong geomagnetic storms, J. Geophys. Res., 110, A03208,