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Most recent updates

July, 2022:
A site search feature is added (see the upper right corner of the webpage).

June 7, 2022:
The option 'Upload the input file' was added to Magnetic field calculator.

December 6, 2021:
Magnetic field calculator was added.
This feature is under development, in case of any problems or questions please contact Dr. Andreeva.

November 23, 2021:
TA16 (RBF) source code was corrected due to a newly discovered bug

January 1, 2020:
IGRF-13 coefficients included in Geopack-2008
A new paper link added ("Magnetospheric `penetration' of IMF By viewed through the lens of an empirical RBF modeling")

August 14, 2019: A new paper link added ("Empirical modeling of the geomagnetosphere for sir and cme-driven magnetic storms")

March 12, 2019: A new paper link added ("Secular shift of the auroral ovals: How fast do they actually move?")

January 20, 2019: New paper links added ("Building the magnetosphere from magnetic bubbles" and "Empirical modeling of dayside magnetic structures associated with polar cusps")