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North-South Structure of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind Near Solar Minimum

Arcadi V Usmanov 1 (7-812--428-4633;
Melvyn L Goldstein 2 (301-286-7828;
Bruno P Besser 3 (43-316-4120-571;

(Sponsor: Melvyn L Goldstein)

1University of St.-Petersburg, Institute of Physics, St.-Petersburg 198504, Russian Federation
2NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 692, Greenbelt, MD 20771, United States
3Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences Schmiedlstrasse 6, Graz A-8042, Austria

Usmanov et al. ({\it JGR, 105,} 12675) developed an axisymmetric model in which a steady coronal outflow was simulated using a surface dipole magnetic field with an Alfv\'en wave moment and energy flux into the open magnetic field region. In that work, north-south symmetry was assumed and a steady-state solution for the solar wind was obtained, which was compared to Ulysses data. That the solar corona is not fully north-south symmetric near solar minimum has been known for many years. A number of studies have attributed this asymmetry to the presence of a quadrupole component in addition to the dipole one. The ramifications for solar wind structure from such an asymmetry are largely unexplored. In this presentation, we relax the assumption of north-south symmetry by adding a quadrupole to the solar magnetic field. We simulate the solar corona and solar wind structure in the region from the coronal base to 1 AU and investigate the effects of the quadrupole on the solar wind plasma and magnetic field parameters.
2001 AGU Fall Meeting

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